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Bridging Humanity
Miami, Florida 33133
tinacornely at bridging-humanity dot org

Travelling to the earth’s poorest and most polluted countries!

Even in some of the most remote regions in the US, the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa and Asia, pollution can be found.

Let’s take a look at Haiti

Haiti is a country that has been ravaged repeatedly by storms and then the devastating earthquake of 2010. Even today in 2019 they are still struggling and rife with civil unrest. We spent time inĀ  Haiti in April of 2012 where we conducted trash recycling classes for the team at Rebuild GLOBALLY. In December 2012 we brought Christmas toys, school supplies, medicine, baby formula and clothes and distributed them at the only free school for children with disabilities and Nos Petits Freres, a home for abandoned children. In August of 2014 we received a grant from Captain Planet to build a permaculture garden at the L’Athletique d’Haiti. Our project was successfully launched and is still ongoing. One of the highlights of our permaculture garden is a large crop of moringa trees! Moringa leaves are nutritious and better than a multi vitamin. Adding moringa to the meals of the 2000 plus underserved kids who are under the care of L’Athletique d’Haiti is helping to build and strengthen their immune system.
Indonesia has serious problem with pollution, even in the remote region of the Kalimatan jungles of Borneo. In June of 2014 we visited Indonesia in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund and taught various Dayak tribes how to repurpose trash.

Each trip abroad has expanded our knowledge base as the very people we teach end up sharing their ancient traditions for combating climate change.

Check out our Climate Change Knowledge Base by scrolling up and clicking on the Search Button located on the far right of our menu bar.


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