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• Planting drought-tolerant crops

• Markers for water use

• On-farm water storage

• Cover crops • Increasing soil quality

• Conservation tillage

• Dryland farming

Forecasting Tools

In November 2019 The World Research Institute launched the Aqueduct Food initiative. Aqueduct’s aim is to help decision makers map and proactively manage water‐related risks to food production. Aqueduct Food combines global data on water risks and agriculture to illustrate water‐related threats to and opportunities for food security, and how these dynamics may develop over time. WRI’s Aqueduct water risk maps are cross‐referenced with data from the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) showing spatially explicit global crop area along with data on food production, demand, trade, prices, and hunger for every country in the world. By providing users with a better understanding of how population growth and climate change will affect global food systems, Aqueduct Food aims to enable proactive management of water related risks to food security.

Aqueduct’s Water Risk Atlas Tool: Map and analyze current and future water risks across locations. Link for Water Calculator Tool.

Aqueduct’s Flood Risk Atlas Tool: Coming Soon!

Case Studies

Innovation and Diffusion of Sustainable Agricultural Water Resource Management in a Changing Climate: A Case Study in Northeast Thailand.


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