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Growing Tips

  • The best seeds are the one passed down from generation to generation. When starting your own seed caching, only select the best seeds from your farm or garden.
  • Learn more about Companion Planting in this resource from Cornell University Cooperative Extension
  • Get the basics on Succession Planting for continuous harvest all season long, from Cedar Circle Farm; here’s a vegetable list for Planting vegetables in midsummer for fall harvest, from University of Minnesota Extension; and gather tips on Fall Vegetable Gardening, from Dr. Leonard Perry, University of Vermont Extension
  • Burlington Permaculture has excellent info sheets and a reference library on their website with much emphasis on permaculture-related gardening techniques, but also loads of general gardening tips.
  • VCGN’s Seed Starting Tips
  • This High Mowing Seeds planting chart
  • Johnny Seeds has loads of planning tools that allow you to enter your area code for more precise planting dates, etc.
  • The Old Farmer’s Almanac allows you to create a printable planting calendar specific to your area
  • The Gardener’s Supply Company Kitchen Garden Planner uses square foot gardening technique to plan for plant spacing and their Soil Calculator will help you determine how much soil/compost to order for your raised beds


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