Mali #4

This is a picture of a young 13 year old Malian girl named Seiba (on the right). Seiba has a heart condition and was brought to the Orphelinat Niaber by her mother. We are trying to secure medical treatment for young Seiba. She is a very sweet and gentle soul.

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Tina Cornely is a long standing humanitarian and environmental activist. She is the former Director of Technology of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York and the former Director of Operations at the Miami Art Museum in Miami, Florida. Ms. Cornely believes that art is healing and revealing. In her own words, we can express with art what we cannot express with words. When we use art to teach others, we help increase their critical thinking skills exponentially. Art can also be a means to generate a revenue source. And when you make art out of trash, everyone benefits.

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