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9 Steps the Book

At long last 9 Steps the Book is finally ready to be launched. 9 Steps the Book started out as 9 Steps to Eradicate Poverty. A labor of love to find simple solutions to help the poor become self sufficient by turning adversity into opportunity. As it turns out it became a journey into the Continue Reading

World Epiphany Day

What if the answers to end poverty were in plain sight? What if they were simple & straight forward? What if we used free technology to get life saving information to the masses via today’s top humanitarian agencies? The quality of life of so many would improve exponentially. A captivating & provocative thought, is it Continue Reading

Will Blog for Love

If you really want to make a difference in the world, it starts with Love. Love of self, Love of nature & Love of others. If you take Love as the key component & couple it with the following formula, Poverty can indeed be eradicated & the basic needs of the poor can be meet. Continue Reading


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