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Peaceful (Im)Possibilities

Our dystopian world is anything but peaceful today. Tensions have increased in scope and intensity, and have been further exacerbated by external interventions. Notwithstanding all the advances we have made in this century, progress on the peace front is still lofty and lacking. A closer evaluation of our most recent string of conflicts; Syria, Yemen, Continue Reading

Low Tech Midwife Tools Deliver Life Saving Results

In developing countries barefoot midwives are armed with karuna and moxie and in many instances, little else. The life of a Barefoot Midwife is anything but easy. Barefoot Doctoring has ancient roots for it has been around since the first person attempted to help another. Indeed any attempt to relieve another’s pain and suffering is Continue Reading

Should Remittance Fees Be Waived to Expedite Aid?

Without a blink of an eye I would say yes, we should waive remittance fees during times of crisis. But for us to fully understand and quantify the scope of remittance fee savings, we first need to understand the money audit trail. Let’s begin with where does the money come from? The global response to Continue Reading

In 2012 Unsuspecting Migrant Workers Paid $4 Billion in Remittance Fees

In January 2013 The World Bank stated that “African Migrants Could Save US$4 Billion Annually On Remittance Fees“. Africa’s overseas laborers, who sent home close to US$60 billion in remittances in 2012 actually pay more to send money home than any other migrant group. South Africa charges the highest remittance fee followed by Tanzania and Continue Reading

World Epiphany Day

What if the answers to end poverty were in plain sight? What if they were simple & straight forward? What if we used free technology to get life saving information to the masses via today’s top humanitarian agencies? The quality of life of so many would improve exponentially. A captivating & provocative thought, is it Continue Reading


A friend recently asked me to expand on why I founded Bridging Humanity. Initially I was not too keen about the idea of starting yet another non profit. There were already enough of them out there & I wondered to myself, do we really need another one? Rosa de la Cruz, a friend & supporter Continue Reading

Beyond the Clouds of Nepal

Nepal is an intoxicating country to say the least. At night you almost feel like you are on top of the world and can touch the stars with your outstretched hand. With Tibet to the North and India to the South, Nepal is a land steeped with mysticism, forbidden kingdoms, beauty and charm. While traveling Continue Reading

Will Blog for Love

If you really want to make a difference in the world, it starts with Love. Love of self, Love of nature & Love of others. If you take Love as the key component & couple it with the following formula, Poverty can indeed be eradicated & the basic needs of the poor can be meet. Continue Reading

Saving Bibi

The name Bibi means “Lady” in Mali. Bibi also means “My Love” in Arabic. I like to call Madame Maly Sangho “Mama Love” because this is what she epitomizes. She is all of the above and much more. I met Bibi through a kind hearted, enterprising teenager named Alejandro Ernst. Alejandro lives in DC with Continue Reading

Bridging the Gap with Trash

What better way to help the poor become more sustainable and self sufficient than by connecting them with their environment, economy and community? At Bridging Humanity we accomplish this by showing them how to create artistic and useful products made out of trash. In doing so we inadvertently teach them about the impact their decisions Continue Reading


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