Bridging Humanity is a global volunteer based 501c3 working to break the chain of poverty.

We help people living below the line get access to clean water, sanitation, nutritious meals, affordable housing, and jobs. We give our all every day to empower people in need with life changing knowledge – giving women hope, children health, and families a brighter future.

Our mission is to further level the playing field for the underserved by forging partnerships with like minded NGOs so we can continue to spread our 9 Steps to Eradicate Poverty.

Our holistic, all encompassing approach teaches TAO, turning adversity into opportunity, and is transforming lives across the globe. At the core, we strive to foster a better understanding, and appreciation of how we can learn from one another so we can live a happy, healthy, balanced life in harmony with our environment, and each other.

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Nota Bene: Do you speak Spanish, and want to learn more about our life long pursuit into environmental activism? “El Cambio Climatico Interno” was co-written by Veronica Alvarez Puente and Tina Cornely in 2016. Click below and take a peek into how their life journey turned into an eco legacy. 

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