Travelling to the earth’s poorest and polluted countries!

China is ranked as number one.
China is on the top of our list of places to visit. Our goal is to help by teaching innovative ways to reduce waste, try and help with their one child policy and visit orphanages that are still in existence in China. We still do not have any contacts in China and would welcome any assistance or recommendations.
India is ranked as number two in terms of pollution. India also has a serious problem with abandoned babies and children. Therefore India is a top priority country to visit in the near future for Bridging Humanity. Through the work we have done in Nepal we now have a few monasteries to visit in India.
Many of the earth’s most poorest and polluted countries are located in Africa. Sierra Leone, Central Africa, Zambia, Angola, Ethiopia, Comoros, Burundi, Eritrea, Congo, Mali and the list goes on. Africa is also on the top of our list as we prepare for another trip in the near future. We currently have projects in Mali, Africa.
Haiti is a country that has been ravaged repeatedly by storms and then the devastating earthquake of 2010. They are still struggling to recover. We went to Haiti in April of 2012 where we conducted classes for the team at Rebuild GLOBALLY. In December 2012 we brought Christmas toys, school supplies, medicine, baby formula and clothes and distributed them in throughout poor slum areas in Port au Prince. In August of 2014 we received a grant from Captain Planet to build a permaculture garden at the L’Athletique d’Haiti. Our project was successfully launched and is still ongoing. One of the highlights of our permaculture garden is a large crop of moringa trees! Moringa leaves are nutritious and better than a multi vitamin! Moringa is being added to the meals of the 2000 plus underserved kids who are under the care of L’Athletique d’Haiti.
Indonesia has serious problems with poverty as well as pollution. In June of 2014 we visited Indonesia and and taught various Dayak tribes how to repurpose trash.
A message to our viewers…
We welcome your participation and highly value your input. Please feel free to share any countries and/or orphanages of interest. We are always open to adding new countries to our ever expanding list. We may not be able to change the world but we promise you that we will change the world of each and every person and child we come across.


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