The Syrian Refugee Crisis

A tragic problem of historic proportions. Since the beginning of the Syrian conflict more than 2 million refugees have been displaced and half of these are children. According to UNHCR more than 6.5 million internally displaced people within Syria require immediate humanitarian assistance. A complex situation that will require the assistance of all.

With limited access into the country for humanitarian groups, the number of refugees arising from the Syrian conflict may climb up to 4 million in 2014 according to UNHCR.

What can be done? How can we help? Queen Noor Al-Hussein and the team at the King Hussein Foundation are assisting us with the preparation of the legal paper work required by the Jordanian tax and custom departments.

Here is what is really needed for Syrian refugees during this winter season and especially for new born babies.

Thick/woolen clothes and especially for ages 0-6 years:

Woolen gloves, hats and scarves
Woolen /thick socks and tights
Thick blouses, cardigans and coats
Complete kits for new born babies (set of blankets, underwear, bottles, diapers, gloves, hat, pajamas, coats, etc.)
Boots or shoes – sizes from 30-37

Please send this list to any of your contacts in the retail industry and have them ship donations to:

Bridging Humanity in care of Innovative Surfaces, 7300 SW 45 Street, Miami, Florida 33133.

For federal income taxation purposes please note that Bridging Humanity Inc. is a US registered non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization. Our Federal ID number is 45-5515265. We will provide donors with tax receipts so they may deduct their contributions as provided in IRC 170(c)(3) of the U.S. Tax Code.

Please send any inquiries or questions via email at

Dimensions and weights must be provided to the team at the King Hussein Foundation so they can prepare the necessary paperwork so. We need these items ASAP so we can Pick, Pack and Ship!

God bless and God speed!

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