Lost & Found: Nutrition Reboot

Writing Lost and Found has been a long standing labor of love of mine. As an award winning forensic analyst I have always endeavored to use my skills to find solutions that can empower the underserved. After considerable research I determined the best way to reduce civil strife and untimely deaths is through proper nourishment. Sadly today people living below the line are forced to eat cheap, highly processed foods. As such, they are weakening their immune systems and putting themselves at risk of getting sick. With little money for food, how can they afford medicine? This never ending poverty cycle prompted me to write Lost & Found: Nutrition Reboot. It is the first part of a four book series broken down by global regions. The first book in this series discusses the importance of a pre/probiotic diet and includes a catalog of fermented and cultured products of the Americas (including recipes).

This article was originally written in 2016 and published in 2018. You can read it by clicking on the link below:

Lost and Found – Nutrition Reboot

Our most recent polished/updated version can be purchased on Kindle here.

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