World Epiphany Day

What if the answers to end poverty were in plain sight?

What if they were simple & straight forward?

What if we used free technology to get life saving information to the masses via today’s top humanitarian agencies?

The quality of life of so many would improve exponentially. A captivating & provocative thought, is it not?

These were the questions that begged an answer & propelled me to dig deeper. Often times I would ponder how our ancestors survived without electricity, refrigerators & running water. This lead to the creation of a series of self help Youtube videos titled Operation Self Sustainability. And guess what? It really is not that complicated. What is more challenging is getting this information into the right hands.

9 Steps to Eradicate Poverty was born from devoted action, extensive research & dogged determination to do something to help the poor. To learn more click here to read the full article on the 9 Steps to Eradicate Poverty. And to watch our video dedicated to the victims of Syria & the Philippines, please click here “In Case of An Emergency“.

Nota Bene: Did you know that World Epiphany Day actually does exist? It is otherwise known as the 3 Kings Day or the Feast of the Epiphany. Join us in our efforts & lend a helping hand to the less fortunate by celebrating Epiphany day on January 6, 2014. The greatest gift of all is Love & it costs nothing. Spread it, share it & save a life with a click!

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