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Tina Cornely is a long standing humanitarian and environmental activist. She is the former Director of Technology of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York and the former Director of Operations at the Miami Art Museum in Miami, Florida. Ms. Cornely believes that art is healing and revealing. In her own words, we can express with art what we cannot express with words. When we use art to teach others, we help increase their critical thinking skills exponentially. Art can also be a means to generate a revenue source. And when you make art out of trash, everyone benefits.

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Peaceful (Im)Possibilities

Our dystopian world is anything but peaceful today. Tensions have increased in scope and intensity, and have been further exacerbated by external interventions. Notwithstanding all the advances we have made in this century, progress on the peace front is still lofty and lacking. A closer evaluation of our most recent string of conflicts; Syria, Yemen, Continue Reading

Insect Resilience & Climate Change

Ecosystem tipping points and climate change warning signs are making headlines. Yesterday I read record breaking heat is melting roads in some of India’s busiest cities. Scientists predicted a rise in temperature would lead to an increase in the number of insects worldwide, ushering dire consequences to the farming community. Warnings unheeded to our own Continue Reading

Eradicating Poverty Through Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs are not only some of today’s most successful business owners, but also some of our best problem solvers. Now more than ever, the world’s humanitarian and environmental challenges need their help. The best entrepreneurs can create the solutions, processes and jobs that address critical global issues. They are highly efficient and productive; strive for Continue Reading

Between Here & No Where: The Journey to Belong

The brain child behind Between Here & No Where: The Journey to Belong developed slowly but steadily over the years. As of late the homeless situation in the US and abroad has gotten worse. In fact Miami is home to over 4,000 homeless students. As farfetched as this may sound homelessness in the US has Continue Reading

Young, Gifted & Homeless: Free Resources for US Homeless Students

Did you know that Miami is home to 4,000 homeless students? As farfetched as this may sound homelessness in the US has reached an all time high with more than 1.2 million homeless students and nearly 76,000 are living on their own without their parents. The purpose of this portal is to raise a voice Continue Reading


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